Swiss-European Mobility Programme

Following the Swiss referendum on mass immigration in February 2014, the country’s participation in the Erasmus+ programme has been temporarily suspended. Swiss universities can therefore no longer receive EU-funding, but continue to take part in student and staff exchange within the scope of existing institutional partnerships.

This exchange is in a large part facilitated by the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). Students, teachers and staff can thus still apply for mobility contributions for exchange programmes at a university in Switzerland. You find further information at or you can enquire at the International Office.

How to apply?

Please proceed as normal by using our online application form, remember the relevant deadlines, and simply pick your desired university in the menu. We will send you details after (if) you were selected for a place at one of our Swiss partner institutions. A major difference to Erasmus+ grants is that financial contributions will be paid directly by your host university in Switzerland. The subsidy for exchange students ranges from 330 to 390 Euro/month for the time being. You should find the current rates on the website mentioned above.

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