Fulbright Program (USA)

Fulbright Program (USA)

German students and graduates from Universities of Applied Sciences can apply for a Fulbright scholarship, which helps them to deepen their specialist knowledge abroad and promote American-German cultural exchange and interaction during a year of study (also combined with a traineeship).


What are the options?

  • "Study Program": a nine-month period of graduate study (if possible) at an American host university (approx. 50 scholarships).

  • "Alumni Program": a one-semester period of study at an American host university, followed by a traineeship of three to five months offered by the Fulbright Commission (approx. 5 scholarships, aimed in particular at younger students).


What does a scholarship include?

  • Expenses for transatlantic travel.

  • American tuition fees.

  • Cost-of-living allowance during the Study Program or Alumni Program: Fulbright scholars contribute € 300 per month to their costs of living; the number of full scholarships covering all costs of living are very limited.

  • Preparatory meeting.

  • Basic health and accident insurance.

Please note that there are no scholarships for practical semesters or third-cycle studies. Traineeships can only be supported through the combined Alumni Program.


How to apply

Students obtain application documents from the IO or online. HSZG will narrow down the number of possible candidates.


What are the application deadlines?

May 15 to June 30 of the current year.

Immigration to the US at the end of a Fulbright period is ruled out by the program.


What are the prerequisites?

  • German university / university of applied sciences entrance qualification.
  • Five or more semesters completed at a university (two at a university in Germany) at the date of departure (August/September).
  • Enrollment as a full-time student at the US host university.
  • Good student performance.
  • A good command of English.
  • German citizenship and permanent residence in Germany.

Please send your application to the International Office by 23 June.

Fulbright Commission · Oranienburger Str. 13-14 · 10178 Berlin

Telephone: +49 030-284-443-772
Fax: +49 030-284-443-42

Email: gpu@fulbright.de
Website: http://www.fulbright.de/

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