Beside the regular events which take place at our university there are nationwide events to match with other universities. The organizer of such events are the national federations.



German Championships

The General German University Federation (adh) orginizes each year  German (international) Championships in over 60 sports, adh-open and Cup legues. The calender can be found on or obtained at the Sport center.

For registration to any of the adh-events use the official registration forms available at Sport center.



Saxon University Championships

The organizer is nominated at the State conference of university sport (LHS). Detailed race calender is available at

All students with proper matriculation and employees of our University or undefinedInternational Graduate School (IHI) are eligible to participate. Registration is always done by University Sport Center.



HSG Turbine Zittau e.V.

The training and race organization within our university sport club is aimed at the race oriented students who as the club members are allowed to start under its name. Please sign up at the club office.

Club office:

Schrammstr. 63, 02763 Zittau


03583/ 516560

Visiting hours:

Thusday 14 p.m. - 16 p.m.


Prof. Dr.- Ing. Günter Micklisch


Horst Seifert




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