For the Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, equality of opportunity is a major issue and goal. For this reason, our mission statement explicitly undertakes to ensure the equality of women and men.

We see the creation of a family-friendly university as a key instrument in the achievement of equality of opportunity. According to the prognos family atlas, each of our twin locations, Zittau and Görlitz, offers extremely good possibilities for combining family and professional life – excellent residential possibilities, well above-average surroundings and equally good openings in the fields of education and training.

A Family-Friendly Institution

Our University of Applied Sciences has firmly anchored a culture of family-friendliness in its mission statement. Our brochure Studieren mit Kind [Studying with Children] offers students who have children extensive information on such subjects as pregnancy and birth, advisory services, financial options, child care services and study-organization.

What we can offer:

Zittau students and staff have the possibility of having their children cared for in the "Knirpshausen e.V." crèche in the immediate vicinity of the campus.

In courses with a limited number of participants, students with children are given priority.

In Görlitz there are on-campus nappy-changing facilities in the toilets either on the ground floor of the "Blue Box" or in the student canteen [Mensa]. In Zittau there are also nappy-changing facilities in the student canteen.

Both in Zittau and in Görlitz the cafeterias always have high chairs available for meals with children. The cafeteria staff are always pleased to heat or re-heat any baby food which you have brought along. Children of pre-school age can receive a child portion for just 50 cents, dessert included.

Should you have any questions, encounter any problems or have suggestions to make in this area, our Equal Opportunities Representative, Zonja-S. Szymanowski, will be pleased to be of assistance at any time.

Letzte Änderung:25. Juni 2018

Equal Opportunities Officer

Jana Reinhold

Equal Opportunities Officer

Building Z VII / Room 130

+ 49 3583 612-4948 

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