Student Advisory Services


  • Advising enrolled and prospective students
  • Providing information on our courses of study and their respective degrees


Consultation hours (in teaching & exam weeks)

  • Monday: 13:00 - 15:30
  • Tuesday: 09.30 - 11:30 & 13:00 - 15:30
  • Friday: 09:30 - 11:30

As well as 1st Thursday of the month from 13:00 to 17:00

FAQs on application and starting one’s studies

The basic procedures involved in making an application are described under "undefinedApplication Procedure".

Please note: Do not be worried or confused when the online application procedure asks you first and foremost for your degree ("Abschluss"). This is a technical necessity. In the case of a first course of study, you should select either "Bachelor" or "Diplom" – according to which course of study you have chosen. "2. Abschluss" or "3. Abschluss" is relevant only for those who are applying for a further course of study (perhaps with numerus clausus courses).

Applicants for courses of study without a selection procedure will, on submission of a complete application, generally receive a letter saying that they can count on being admitted as students. They can then, for example, apply to the undefined"Studentenwerk" (Student Services Department) requesting the allocation of either a place in a hall of residence, or a student flat or a place in a house-sharing scheme.

Official notice of admission is generally given by 10 August of the year in question – in the case of late application or waiting list procedures later.

Applicants who have received notice of admission must accept the place within a given time frame.

(The time frame is stated in the Notice of Admission and is approx. 10 days. In the event of your being on holiday at the requisite time, please note that the acceptance declaration can be signed by an appointed proxy – so drafting in advance a brief written statement granting the power of proxy makes good sense.) 

Following your acceptance of the place and once you have provided evidence of valid health insurance and of payment of the semester fee (forms and notes included with your letter of admission), you can be enrolled. On enrolment, students receive their student ID card and intranet access. There you find a printable certificate of enrolment.

The intensive courses/events meetings offered by individual courses of study as part of your start-up are listed under "undefinedStudienstart". 

The undefinedlecture list and timetable are posted on the Hochschule homepage. 

Important information concerning your studies can be found on the undefinedOffensiv platform.

Self-test in Maths

Test your knowledge of maths ...

In many of our courses of study, mathematics plays a relatively important part. For some years now, therefore, the Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz has offered freshers a "Refresher Course in Maths" in the September prior to the beginning of their studies.

The maths assignments specially designed to test the state of your knowledge [undefinedin pdf format] are sent to you along with your Notice of Admission. You should take a look at the solutions [undefinedalso in pdf format] only after you have tried your skill at the questions…

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Student Advisor

Petra Schmidt

Student Services & International Relations

Building Z I / Room 0.13

+49 3583 612-4506

Student Advisor

Dietmar Rößler

Student Services & International Relations

Building Z I / Room 0.22

+49 3583 612-4500
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