Restricted Admissions (Numerus Clausus)

Courses of study with restricted admissions are subject to a selection process, generally referred to as Numerus Clausus (“closed number” in Latin). It means that there is a limited number of places for some degree courses at German universities, and it is often used as a generic term for courses with restricted admissions.

During the selection procedure, the allocation of places is based on the criteria of a) exam grades from school and b) qualifying period (period of time a student with insufficient grades has to wait to be admitted, often used to gain additional qualifications). As of 2009, we added further criteria. These differ from the course at hand (e.g. relevant secondary school course grades, vocational training, etc.) and are applied for approx. 60 % of places in a course.

Courses with a probable selection procedure:

Winter semester 2018/19:

  • Inclusion Studies
  • Childhood Education
  • Communication Psychology
  • Culture and Management (Master)
  • Health Care Management (Bachelor and Master)
  • Social Work (applications only on
  • Tourism Management (Bachelor)


Results of the 2018 selection procedures (07/2018)

(Admission was contingent upon meeting the minimum grades or the length of the qualifying period (in semesters) respectively)

  • Inclusion Studies (data not yet available)
  • Communication Psychology (data not yet available)
  • Health Care Management (1.9 / 1 / all applicants have been admitted)
  • Childhood Edcuation (data not yet available)
  • Social Work (data not yet available)
  • Tourism Management (2.0 / 5 / all applicants have been admitted)

(Average grade / qualifying period / aptitude (weighted grade))

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